5. Because Debt is Slavery

Far too often Republicans fail to follow through with being fiscally responsible, but Tom understands that taxation and debt hold everyday people down. According to his website:

Tom is not afraid to vote no on bad budgets, even those supported by Republican leadership here in Richmond. Last year he was the only vote against a budget that was too big, and used tax payer money to help the state compete directly against small business owners in the Commonwealth. Tom didn’t put up with it in Richmond, and he won’t put up with it in D.C.

4. Free Markets, Not Destructive Protectionism

Like your cell phone? Enjoy having pizza delivered to your house? Ever ride in an Uber car? Individuals following their passions, taking opportunities for economic advancement, free of the shackles of burdensome regulation will always do miles more than any government official or agency. Tom supports the individual’s right to opportunity. For progressives, Tom also understands that crony capitalism is when the government takes your money and gives it to an industry or company in order for some type of kickback in the form of a subsidy. Tom has said himself:

We should end subsidies of companies and industries that cannot survive on their own. If they have a product that provides a legitimate good or service that people want to benefit from, they will survive without any help from the taxpayers. Further, we’ve seen time and again how government attempting to pick the winners and loser only ends in disaster. Obama’s failed energy subsidies and billions in losses in tax payer dollars are evidence enough of that. No government program or czar can match the billions of individual everyday decisions made by our fellow citizens. Consumers are the finger on the pulse of every industry and product, and the free markets always drives innovation for better products that cost less, and are available to more people.

3. No More Chicken-Hawks

It’s easy for old men to send young men to war. Having served alongside America’s finest overseas wearing the uniform of our country, Tom understands what it is to lead men into harms way. With an understanding of how the world is today, Tom is willing to go against the military industrial complex and even his own party on this issue.

We cannot be the world’s policeman, and we should not try. We cannot rashly send our best and brightest into harm’s way to be involved in unnecessary military conflicts. Our military servicemen and service women have gladly volunteered to join our military and are willing to sacrifice the lives, bodies, dreams, and futures for our sakes. We owe them the assurance that we will not take that sacrifice lightly, and that when we do call upon them that we will send them there to win, quickly, with every bit of support we can muster, and then bring them home.

2. Because Tom Won’t Steal Your Stuff

Civil asset forfeiture means the government can take your stuff if you are suspected of a crime. Isn’t that ridiculous? The reason we have a Fourth Amendment is to make sure things like that don’t happen. Tom has taken bold steps to ensure this state sponsored theft of your property ends. According to his issues page:

Our civil liberties are a critical part of what makes America great. Infringement of our rights to due process, privacy, and property are part of what launched our War for Independence. Tom’s concerns over abuses of things like civil asset forfeiture are what prompted him to co-patron SB 108 to require that citizens be convicted of a crime before law enforcement agencies can confiscate and sell their property. Tom has voted to protected our civil liberties in Richmond, and will continue to do so in Washington. “Protecting civil liberties is one of the cornerstones of maintaining a free country. When any government begins cracking down on civil liberties you end up with a citizenry that fears its government. When a citizenry fears its government, no good can follow. Protecting and maintaining civil liberties is mandatory to preserving a free society.

1. Got Student Debt? Tom Has A Plan

Tom didn’t make the Student Security plan, but he is one of the slim few Republicans in the country running with Student Security as a platform stance. Student Security helps fight the massive epidemic of student debt throughout the nation while also fighting the ponzy scheme that is social security.

In short, the proposal allows for individuals who currently hold student loan debt to have $5-7,000 of that debt forgiven for every year that that student agrees to defer Social Security disbursements.

With the student debt burden in this nation approaching $1.5 Trillion dollars, if implemented properly, this program will immediately make Social Security solvent again. In addition, younger people will immediately have more capital to invest in homes, cars, and starting families which will be a tremendous boost to the economy.






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