It’s not everyday your everyday woman decides to dress as a “sexy maid” or “sexy teacher” or as I saw at Party City, “sexy janitor.” Yet, progressives across the country are foaming at the mouth as they see innocent costumes as something to be emotionally damaged by. You guessed it, apparently wearing just any given costume is a sign of cultural appropriation according to the left.

You know who’s not having that this year? Enter Lauren Southern.

This foxy Canadian is tired of this progressive attack on the only time of year I can pretend I have a PHD  (or am even semi competent in engineering, chemistry, math) and dress up as an astronaut.  Come on, forget the debt, the war overseas, the drug war, the war on crime, [insert government war on something here] we need to have a cultural war on Halloween!

Check out this video below and then go get a awesome costume together to show how much you love your country.

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