I don’t take political party loyalty very seriously at all. The pay-to-play system that is involved in order to excel in a party along with the almost gang like nature of the game washes out any real desire to be part of one for me.

That being said, if you’re gonna be in the game you have to play in the game. Obviously no one has told that to Joe Miller and Bill Weld.

Recently Bill Weld has alluded that after the election he would return to the GOP, with those allegations coming after it was reported that Weld donated against the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire to a Republican candidate.

Well, things have gotten stranger…

While campaigning for Gary Johnson in Alaska, Weld posed for a picture with incumbent Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski, who is running against Libertarian candidate Joe Miller.

source: Facebook

If his plan was to alienate himself from the Libertarian Party after this election, he’s doing a great job. In Weld’s defense though, Joe Miller isn’t much of a party man either. Miller entered the race as a Libertarian since he wasn’t able to take the nomination from Murkowski, and not only said he would caucus with the GOP if elected, but will also be voting for Republican Donald Trump.

This leaves the only question to remain, if Democrat Donald Trump can run as a Republican, and Republicans Joe Miller and Bill Weld can run as Libertarians, what’s the point of political parties if everyone is just shuffling around in order to find what’s convenient for them depending on the election climate?

Answer: There is no point, vote principle and person, not party line.

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