There are a lot of young bloggers out there just rehashing, restating, and reusing the same material you see at other places (I’ve been guilty of that). So many people want to be the next philosophical and economic thought leader, but what you see is simply people trying to remake the wheel.

Well, I discovered a recent article at Hypeline by young contributor Bailey Brooks which shows someone is thinking outside the box.

Although the principles that conservatism stands on do not change, it seems as if it has been misconstrued through the mainstream media, liberal bias, and most unfortunately due to words and actions of our own. Also according to the Heritage Foundation, Americans “have no trouble seeing the appeal of liberalism since it lures people with the promise of tangible material benefits and high minded moralistic ideals. Have we offered an appealing alternative vision?”

As a young person who wants to revive conservatism, I do not believe we have offered any vision whatsoever. It seems as if amidst talk of Constitutional values and “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, we have abandoned all talk of how our ideals are truly beneficial to society. Our focus seems to be solely on destroying liberalism. Is that all conservatism is? Have we become a party defined by loud banter and hateful rhetoric? Is our vision for the future just to destroy the left and be seen as the “right” party? It sure seems like it.

If you wanted to know if there are passionate young people pushing for liberty in the coming age of angst, let this article renew your soul.

You can read the entire article at Hypeline.

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