Between work, school, and then more work, I try and keep my playlist short and precise so I am maximizing the time I have to take in whatever knowledge and information I’m consuming. So what were the highlights of what I was listening too the last week? Check it out for yourself and maybe these will land on your playlist!

Best of the Week:

Lions of Liberty was the first libertarian podcast I was hooked on many years back, so it should be no surprise it is the “best of the week” for the first installment of this list. This week Marc Clair spoke with my favorite Batman writer Chuck Dixon who has been published at Marvel and DC comics. This is pure fan service and complete gold in every way. This is by far my favorite episode of Lions of Liberty of the past couple months.


Most Thought Provoking:

Roger Paxton from the LAVA Flow podcast discusses the unintended consequences of Obamacare. Short, sweet, pithy, and full of information even I didn’t know before hand.

Honorable Mentions:

The Renegade Republican with Dan Bongino- Oct. 26, 2016

The Jason Stapleton Program- Oct. 31, 2016



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