In our first official episode of the program we welcome Marc Clair, host of the Lions of Liberty!


Marc is the founder and host of the Lions of Liberty podcast, the very first libertarian talk show I ever listened to and the inspiration for the Remso Republic podcast.

From his bio at Lions of Liberty:

An ardent believer in libertarian ideals for over a decade, Marc decided to thrust himself into writing for the cause after becoming inspired by the Presidential campaigns of Ron Paul.  In 2011, he helped to co-found the Lions Of Liberty with several like-minded friends from their college days at Penn State nearly a decade earlier.  When he’s not serving as editor-in-chief of Lions Of Liberty and host and producer of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, he is busy with a freelance career in television and running a karaoke business in Los Angeles, CA. Marc is also a contributing writer for sports and pop culture website Place to be Nation.

Show summary: Marc Clair joins Remso for his first episode as they talk about the future of liberty and that giant sucking sound….

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