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Show Notes: Independent US Senate Candidate Scott Rupert

Independent US Senate candidate from Ohio Scott Rupert calls in from his very own semi truck while on the road!


From Scott’s website:

Scott Rupert is a common American: a husband, father of four and grandfather of two. Born on a US Army base in Wiesbaden, Germany, Scott has lived in Ohio 49 of his 51 years.

Scott grew up in the Lake Erie city of Sheffield Lake, where he attended Brookside High School. Working in the building and remodeling trades, he’d begun to support himself before turning 17.

A quick learner, Scott acquired skills in all phases of construction and advanced rapidly, until he reached an age that allowed him to pursue his childhood interest in the trucking industry. With an eye toward hauling cars like his father before him, Scott worked for common carriers, and when the opportunity came to begin his own career in car haul, he jumped at it.

As a Teamster, Scott found himself disillusioned by the subterfuge that came with working in a union shop. That, combined with a pressing need to be home each night, forced him to leave trucking in favor of another passion: electronics engineering. To pursue his degree, Scott attended DeVry Institute full time. To pay the bills, he worked over 40 hours a week spotting trailers for Limited Stores. He maintained a perfect GPA that first year.

But with nearly two of three years’ technical education completed, Scott’s father suddenly fell ill and could no longer support himself. Lacking health insurance, he called upon his son and his car hauling experience to make it through a difficult time. Scott withdrew from DeVry to drive his father’s truck, intending to again haul cars only until his father recovered. When they discovered the illness was pancreatic cancer, Scott’s father lived only six months longer before succumbing to that disease.

Scott continued to drive his father’s truck until the accumulated medical bills were paid. By then, the grace period for repayment of student loans had expired. This forced Scott to continue car hauling rather than pursuing more technical aptitudes. The experience gained from the company his father leased to prompted Scott to buy his own truck and lease it on. Though hands and names have changed over the years, he’s been leased to that same company since 1999.

Scott owns and drives a 1994 Peterbilt, having nearly two million miles on the odometer. He has driven nearly three million in his career.

Scott Rupert is a problem solver. He faces a challenge and applies the solution. In 2008, noting the deep division created by party politics and the loss of freedom that results, he decided to engage in the restoration of the political and electoral processes. Scott’s choice to run for Senate “straight out of the box” as it were, stemmed from his observation that the U.S. Senate is responsible for the people’s loss of liberty.

“If the Senate won’t protect the sovereignty of the State, the State can hardly protect the sovereignty of the people,” he says. “If I can see it’s the Senate that’s broken, then it makes no sense whatsoever to run for City Council. I’m running because I respond to the needs around me. I fix things: I’m not a politician.”

Show summary: US Senate candidate from Ohio Scott Rupert joins the show to discuss his campaign and much more.

Additional Notes:

-Remso Republic producer Ryan Martinez created this fantastic commercial for Scott’s campaign, check it out!

-Scott Rupert has been endorsed by Remso.

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Remso W. Martinez is a journalist and Amazon bestselling author of “Stay Away From the Libertarians!” You can follow him on Twitter @RemsoForVa or on his website

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