It’s not pretty, but no matter what happens, America loses either way.

Pray for the Republic.


-Johnson/Weld will fall under the 5% popular vote necessary to receive matching campaign funds.

-The GOP will hold a majority in the House of Representatives but will lose it’s majority in the Senate.

-Joe Miller will not win his senate seat in Alaska.

-Alex Merced will break 10% of the vote for US Senate in New York

-Sadly, conservative fear of Hillary Clinton will prevent Evan McMullin from winning Utah.

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One thought

  1. Clinton wins with 337 electoral votes. That certainly is in keeping with what all the conventional “wisdom” says. On the other side Thomas Knapp believes that Donald Trump will win, as does Scott Adams. I would love to read (or listen to) a back and forth between you and Thomas Knapp post election day. I don’t think that the 1.5 potential faithless electors will be any factor.


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