“Liberal” used to be such a beautiful word…

Free markets, free minds, limited government, all those terms that now describe libertarians and conservatives no longer define modern liberals, who even gave up on that term and adopted “progressive” as a new moniker.

With Donald Trump’s campaign, conservatism is about to lose complete meaning if he is to win the election. What socialism did to liberalism is what this welfare state-nationalism will do to conservatism, hollow it out and kill the remaining detractors.

What is the Alt-Right? This parasite which has hidden in plain sight among conservative circles and portions of the liberty movement? Here is what they believe:

Closed borders and protectionism

The Alt-Right has an irrational fear of immigration. Reminiscent of Nazi Germany, the Alt-Right almost immediately labels non-whites such terms as rapists, terrorists, and other derogatory terms. While there is a present and clear danger with open borders and unchecked immigration, the Alt-Right does not differentiate between well intentioned legal immigrants and legal immigrants. Claiming that immigrants “take jobs” is a reoccurring mantra of the Alt-Right, who cries for any and all attempts to halt immigration into the United States.

Notable leaders of the Alt-Right are, even more disturbingly, often tied with radical white supremacist movements which often stand under the label of “white nationalist.” These individuals target everyone, and even threatened a “Mormon Holocaust” in regards to independent conservative Evan McMullin’s state of Utah.

The Welfare State

While conservatives had a whole table of options in order to nominate a constitutionalist, the Alt-Right gave us a candidate who almost directly mirrors that of the social welfare progressives.

The Alt-Right thrives off the welfare state and sees not wrong with it. Whether it’s socialized childcare, replacing Obamacare in name only, or the other convoluted stances, the Alt-Right shares more in common with progressives in terms of economics and entitlements than conservatives or libertarians.

The Alt-Right and the apostate church

Far too often during the 2016 election, evangelicals came out in droves to support Trump, and even Christian leaders bent the Bible over in order to justify Trump’s actions and even sanctify him as a man. The implications of this new Alt-Right/Evangelical dogma has caused serious issues within many Christian communities. Michael Knowles from the Daily Wire was able to dig into it further:

The Alt-Right admires Christendom primarily for uniting the continent and forging white European identity. As such it also reveres European paganism, much like the Nazis did, and its synthesis within certain aspects of Christianity. But when it comes to faith, many Alt-Right thinkers describe themselves as atheists, agnostics, and lapsed Christians. AlternativeRight.com published a feature on the movement and paganism in which Alt-Right writer Stephen McNallen explains, “I am a pagan because it is the only way I can be true to who, and what, I am. I am a pagan because the best things in our civilization come from pre-Christian Europe.” He goes on to describe his aversion to Christianity because it “lacks any roots in blood or soil” and consequently can “claim the allegiance of all the human race.”

Dark imagery runs rampant, from Yarvin’s philosophy to Vox Day’s preferred title “supreme dark lord.” All reject Christian egalitarianism and universalism. Ironically one of the few Alt-Right thinkers to proclaim his Christian faith, Vox Day, explicitly rejects spiritual equality among the races as a central tenet of Alt-Right philosophy, explaining, “Human equality does not exist in any observable scientific, legal, material, intellectual, sexual, or spiritual form.” [Italics added] But despite rejecting the substance of Christianity, the movement has spawned its own satirical religion around the meme culture that has come to typify the Alt-Right online.

They don’t want a republic, they want a dictator. The Alt-Right is a scary blend of the worst parts of progressivism mixed with nativism and xenophobia, but attempting to wrap itself in the flag.

Think it doesn’t get any worse? Let Glenn Beck bring your fears to life



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