The election is finally over…

While everyone is looking at the presidential race, I’m looking at the LPVA losers in Virginia. I’m not calling them losers because they’re candidates (or more like “candidate”) lost, I’m calling them losers because they were failures to start and the Libertarian Party of Virginia tried almost everything possible to make them seem like they were a brand new shiny car instead of a clunker with slashed tires.

J.D. Thorpe, a former McCain ’08 staffer who was donating, supporting, and even a member of the Republican Party until the moment he decided his GOP career was non existent and decided to run as a Libertarian. That abortion of a candidate wasn’t able to get a campaign website, run any effective social media, raise any funds, and failed to even qualify as a write in candidate against Barbara Comstock and Luann Bennett. His entire “campaign” and small support network spent almost seven months constantly trying to convince people he was a libertarian. Often I was questioned by LPVA members as to why I “didn’t think he was a libertarian” or “wasn’t libertarian enough.” If they ever listened to me or read any of my work they would know by now that it wasn’t because I thought he wasn’t a libertarian, I didn’t care if he was or not, what bothered me was the political opportunism he used to push himself onto a scene where he could fill his empty ego craving attention in order to put “congressional candidate” on his resume.

Gun grabbing Dan Mittereder didn’t even get on the ballot, but it didn’t matter since he too used the LP to get a easy nomination in order to bolster his resume. Within a week of getting his congressional nomination, Mittereder quit due to “health issues.”

Stephen Harmon, another congressional nominee, dropped out within a month of announcing his run.

In what should have been the biggest year for LPVA, they instead squandered the biggest opportunity they could have had. False leaders putting up more false leaders is what kills not just parties, but movements.

I haven’t written off supporting individual Libertarians, but blanket support of the Libertarian Party of Virginia and the national party is dead.

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