Investing In Freedom For The Holidays:

The best organizations to donate to during the season of giving

Everyone is going to be doing some type of charitable action during this time of year. While I often donate to veterans causes along with animal sanctuaries, this year I’m going to try and save a little in order to invest in the liberty movement as a whole. Something I learned this past election cycle was that investing in campaigns and races often don’t get the results you want, especially if you lose and the remaining momentum goes nowhere. So by investing in one of these initiatives or institutions, it’s a better investment long term because your dollar goes farther than just a campaign.

Here are some of the organizations I recommend throwing a few dollars too when you have the chance!

Note: Not every organization here listed is a 501c(3) so look to see before you donate if that is what you’re looking for.

General Advocacy Groups

  • Free the PeopleTheir targeted issues include criminal justice reform, government accountability, 2nd Amendment, privacy protection, marketplace freedom, the drug war, school choice, non-interventionist foreign policy, and educational freedom.
  • FreedomWorks: This was the first organization in D.C. I worked for so I’m a little biased. FreedomWorks works on a whole gambit of issues but primarily focuses on economics and civil liberties.
  • Cato Institute: The best when it comes to nonpartisan research and studies.

Gun Rights

  • SL4GR: Students at Liberty for Gun Rights is the standard bearer for student activism in regards to defense of the Second Amendment.
  • GOA: Gun Owners of America is the only no-compromise lobbying group in the country for the Second Amendment.

Student Activism

  • SFL: Students For Liberty gave me my start along with so many others. The best organization for students in terms of natural law theory and Austrian economics.

Individual Movements

  • FSP: The Free State Project is trying to create a community for liberty in New Hampshire and has been doing an incredibly great job. I even ended up signing up to one day live in a state that won’t tax me into oblivion!
  • Tax Revolution Institute: A brand new organization pushing to audit the IRS.

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