Everyday I’m worried that the value of the dollar is going to become as useful as dust…

With the US debt about to hit 20 trillion dollars and taxation hitting millennials especially hard, many people I know along with myself are trying to find methods of legally avoiding harmful taxes without crossing the border of tax evasion (i.e avoidance is legal and evasion is illegal). What I’m seeing many people jump over to as well are alternate currencies such as Bitcoin and precious medals.

The thing to remember about runaway inflation is this, we’ve seen it hit us before and we’ve seen it hit other nations as well. This isn’t a secret way of me trying to sell you gold, this is just a fact. Gold and silver are real, scarce, valuable resources. You can’t make gold or silver out of thin air, even Bitcoin is capped at several million individual Bitcoins in order to avoid inflation. The dollars in your pocket don’t operate that way, because if you’re worried taxation is theft, you have an even worse thing occurring when inflation hits. If I don’t convince you, hopefully John Robinson from Moneyweek.com can:

Once you take on board the simple principle that gold is the alternative money, then why would you favour pound sterling, US dollar, euro, even the Swiss franc or Japanese yen, all of which can be printed by pressing a button, against the one currency that cannot be created or destroyed?

Instead of thinking about how high the price of gold has risen, just consider that it is not the gold price that is going up, but the value of the currencies that is going down; and why wouldn’t they?  Imagine finding in a cellar in Florence a hundred Mona Lisa canvasses, all painted by Leonardo da Vinci, all of identical quality and size.  Their value would be much less, as would the value of that wonderful painting hanging in the Louvre.  If Central Banks increase the money supply, they will decrease its value.  It is an inevitable process and one to which they are absolutely committed.

Is it starting to sink in a little bit? Money is an extent of your labor, your mind, and your time, simply put, money is an extension of yourself. If it doesn’t infuriate you that you are taxed painfully along with having inflation destroy your dollars value while it sits in your wallet, then you don’t understand the financial burden which is bound to come home to roost when the debtor is called to deliver. If you’re a Christian, the central banking system here in the United States should offend you the most.

“The Lord abhors dishonest scales, but accurate weights are his delight”. (Prov 11:1)

“Do not use dishonest standards when measuring length, weight or quantity. Use honest scales and honest weights, an honest ephah and an honest hin. I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt.” –(Lev 19:35-36)

What I’m challenging people to consider is to pay Caesar what is Caesar’s and God’s what is God’s, but to only pay Caesar what belongs to him. Thus paying, trading, and exchanging alternate currencies isn’t just a clever financial plan, it’s the moral plan.

Where have we seen this work?

Recently after the 2016 election I bought an extremely small amount of gold, copper, and silver in order to understand how precious metal trading occurs so I could begin to hedge my investments slowly over time. Along with that I also wanted to start trading people for small jobs and transactions with actual value for value.

During my research I learned about the Liberty dollar, which was an attempt of a printed and minted alternate currency that attempted to take off but was shut down due to federal law against the coinage of alternate currencies within the United States. While Bitcoin and precious metals are currently the most valid alternate currencies outside of Federal Reserve notes, the issue with Bitcoin is that the general consumer market still doesn’t understand it. I want to say things look better for precious metals, but public schools don’t teach about actual currency anymore…

So what about those that want to trade value for value? Recently I discovered Shire Silver, and what they have attempted to do is smart…

The idea of creating these cards in order to contain certain amounts of gold or silver is all about convenience. In New Hampshire alone, there are already numerous small businesses and vendors that have started accepting these cards as a form of payment. Sadly, the ability to purchase these cards from Shire Silver outside of New Hampshire is difficult. This is what pops up on there site when you want to checkout:

Our ability to accept payments online is currently down, so we can’t accept orders automatically. If you want to make an order and are willing to do a bit of emailing to get your order in, please complete your order as much as you can and then contact us. We’ll try to work something out on an ad-hoc basis until the issue gets resolved.

For those interested in more information on this, it is basically due to too much fascism in the U.S. Paypal has shut down our account, claiming we are a Money Service Business (which we are not – we don’t offer any services, we are just a manufacturer of money). And since they apparently have no way to actually resolve the issue, we are stymied. We are seriously considering going crypto-currency only. If we do that, we will give explicit instructions to help those who are unfamiliar.

See what I mean? I can literally buy gold, silver, and copper anywhere else but in larger denominations that would make transactions for small exchanges difficult. But what does all this mean?

All this means is that there is a demand for alternate currencies and hopefully we can find some innovators that can help the regular Joe keep more of what he makes and trade actual value for value.


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