It may or may not seem as a shock to some but I wanted to state something for the record before rumors started to spread.

I have recently joined the Republican Liberty Caucus. The reasons for doing so are few but are important enough for me to become a Republican.

1) The Libertarian Party put up Gary Johnson and Bill Weld in this previous election cycle, candidates who were so openly progressive, were so antithetical to the causes of property rights and religious liberty, that I couldn’t stomach voting for them and instead voted for independent conservative Evan McMullin.

2) The system showed how inherently rigged elections across the country were this cycle, and very hard working 3rd party candidates were cheated from even entering debates where they met the criteria thanks to the two old parties. The only way 3rd party candidates can truly have an opportunity to make headway in today’s political world is, sadly, if the Republicans and Democrats fought to include them in the same way Reagan debated John Anderson in 1980.

3) State parties across the country had individuals running down ticket who sought the nomination for a certain race just to put on their resume, and then didn’t put in the work to get on the ballot. This lack of effort shows that in a year Libertarians should have made any kind of headway, many state parties failed to assist candidates simply because they gave up the will to fight.

4) You don’t need to be a Libertarian Party member to remain true to libertarian principles. Libertarian-republicans such as Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, and Justin Amash were re-elected, and even newcomers to D.C. such as Tom Garrett For Congress will be there to help in the fight against the alt-right and the never ending progressive menace.

5) Finally, Stephen Moore stated recently the new GOP is the party of populism and fear instead of liberty and free enterprise, that it’s no longer the party of Reagan. Frankly, Mr. Moore doesn’t get to decide that, let alone other people who came in to change the Republican party the way some individuals came in the change the Libertarian Party.

Independent Bernie Sanders was the biggest winner this election because he was able to go all the way to the DNC in Philadelphia and turn a moderate progressive party platform into a full on socialist leviathan, he did it because he ran as a Democrat, worked as a Democrat, and changed the landscape of the Democratic Party forever to fit his image of America. He even went as far as to cause certain Republicans to mimic his policies and Libertarians to mimic their philosophy. Frankly this terrifies me, and I don’t see the Libertarian Party as a mechanism to fight the socialist storm that will soon hit our country again.

The Republican Party is as flawed as everything else. The person who is my 80% friend is not my 20% enemy. I will as I have always done support, promote, and fight with activists and candidates across the political spectrum who advocate for individual liberty, free enterprise, and limited government. The message doesn’t change, but the next stage is fresh ground to plant roots.


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