The 3D gun debate– did you know there was a debate to begin with? Probably not, but pretty soon you’ll be hearing about it once the courts settle the issue. In 2013 the first 3D printed gun called the “Liberator” came on the scene and the world has changed since. You can find this information online, it’s everywhere and people in high places are freaking out. Should you freak out? No, this is the time to celebrate and here are four reasons why.

  1. Because It’s no one’s business but yours

People could create weapons far before the 3D printer was made. Nothing has changed but the location and the costs, no one is hurt and no one has the right to what you create.

  1. It doesn’t hurt patents

Don’t worry Glock, your patents are safe. Every set of milspec 3D instructions feature Intellectual property already out there in the wilderness and designs given freely by the designer. It’s a gift, so take it and love it.

  1. It’s a check on the corporate-state relationship

In war, the state controls the means of weapon production and distribution. Which means if the state shall ever declare war on its citizenry, the citizenry (us) is screwed. What this does is allow individuals to have a check on power in an incredibly inexpensive way. This may have been the greatest insurance for freedom of our time.

  1. It reminds that power belongs to the people

The real political paradigm isn’t Democrat vs. Republican, it’s Liberty vs. Tyranny and those labels are sometimes difficult to spot because of our current two party system. This ability to own a gun and create a weapon is a solid and clear statement. You’ll know who the authoritarians are by those who try to take it from you.

Check out the 3D gun pioneer Cody Wilson talk to ReasonTV


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