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Op-Ed Placement: Reoccuring Populism and History Ignored

This piece was published 11/29/2016 at the Libertarian Institute.

The attempt to forge a life that has no reverence for history is an unsustainable…

Now, what does having been told that have anything to do to anything? I hear far too often the American-right go after secular progressives for one reason or another, but the same goes for the American-left going after Christian conservatives. The problem with both is that they wish to dominate the other but neither can justify a reason for doing so other than the common “because they’re just completely wrong.”

Nearly a year ago I published an article discussing a very simple question, what comes after Trump? During that time a GOP candidate had not yet been determined but it was at that point in time a fight between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Hillary was supposed to simply skip into the White House and Gary Johnson was going to bring about the second wave of classical liberalism.

As of now Republicans control the Executive branch, Senate, and the House of Representatives. It hasn’t been a full month after that infamous night of November 8thand sadly, the momentous cultural sweep many thought would occur almost the second Trump won hasn’t occurred. Conservatives still go after social justice warriors with rightful indignation and gusto, while progressives snicker at Trump appointing creationists to his cabinet. Everyone has simply gone back to what they know best, no one has done any real self-reflection, and strangely enough, the center holds.

You can read the rest at the Libertarian Institute.


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