Just when you thought the election pandemonium was over, Virginia has to face not one, but two elections in 2017 that will either solidify or end the progressive strain that has effected the commonwealth for so long.

We have a lot of hard choices to make, but one is easy.

In the 9th legislative district for State Senate, Corey Fauconier is the only candidate that can bring the voice of the people to the State Senate that the Democrats ignore. The same Democrats that want control of your mind, your money, your life and the life of your children.

Corey Fauconier is everything his Democrat opponent isn’t.

Corey understands that prohibition never works and that you have autonomy over your body. We need sensible drug reform that will heal our urban communities and erase crime that can’t exist outside the shadows.

Corey understands that the most fundamental freedom is the freedom to carry. The right to bear arms is something that the Democratic party has spent it’s entire existence fighting. As an African-American from New York, Corey understands how gun laws empower criminals and put innocent people at risk.

Corey knows the importance of school choice like the back of his hand. A father and school choice advocate, Corey knows that the family is the most important civil institution, and that parents have the ultimate authority over how their children should be taught and how they learn.

The choice for freedom is clear and the argument couldn’t be simpler. Corey Fauconier needs all the support he can get.

Come on Virginia, let’s get moving and push for our liberty.

Donate, volunteer, and learn more today.


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