By guest contributor Josh Carter

It’s official! On December 19th, Donald Trump officially became “president-elect” Trump as he was given the nod by the appointed electors nationwide. The resistance to the move, despite the bluster and rhetoric immediately following the election in early November, was (at best) rather feeble.

Now, as conservatives and Republicans sit back and drink the salt-saturated tears of Hillary’s faithful I would suggest that we take some time and contemplate the aftermath of Trump’s inauguration. Full disclosure, I never rode the Trump Train. I don’t believe that Trump is an actual conservative, and it was for that reason that I couldn’t in good conscience vote for him, so perhaps it’s easier to dispassionately analyze the cult-of-Trump from where I’m standing, but I would severely caution my friends on the Right as we head into 2017, to reexamine our first-principles.

In the past several decades of American politics, we’ve heard countless references to “polarization” among those who hold opposing views, and it is this polarization which is often blamed by mainstream media for D.C.’s “gridlock”. The reality is that this polarization is simply symptomatic of a larger disease. Polarization is occurring in the American political sphere because we’ve forgotten our first-principles. The most recent generations coming through the state-run education mills likely never learned these first-principles in the first place. As Donald Trump takes office this coming year, conservatives and those on the right, must not allow him to hold carte-blanche in expanding, or even continuing with the current level, of governing through executive overreach. Simply because he’s “our guy” doesn’t allow us the luxury of abdicating our principles.

Simply because he was elected with the “R” rather than a “D”, doesn’t change the fact that the United States government is an absolute leviathan which needs to be pulled apart. Simply because Obama flippantly endorsed governing with “a pen and a phone” doesn’t allow Trump to do the same. If those on the Right truly believe in the virtues of individual freedom and the merits of restraining government, then we must show it now more than ever. Trump has majorities both parties often dream of. The possibility of running roughshod over half the country, using the resentment of the other half as justification, is not simply a possibility but a terrifying reality. That’s right, terrifying.

The reason this is so terrifying is the karmic nature of these stints of power.

This is what American Liberals are experiencing a healthy dose of at the present moment. They were completely content to allow Obama license which spent eight years lambasting Dubya for. Now the pendulum has once again swung to the Right, and the Right could very well make that same mistake.

I truly hope that Donald Trump can pass legitimate reforms that will shrink our government and restore (and maximize for that matter) freedom and supremacy of the individual. His insider cabinet picks thus far have given me reason to be skeptical at best.

If the Right doesn’t restrain themselves then we will further the precedent of majority tyranny which has been establishing itself exponentially throughout the past several decades. Our mission is to help others who don’t believe as we do to understand why less government and maximized individual liberty is a better way for society to go.

We need to help people to see why gun-ownership is necessary to a free society.

Why voluntary trade and true capitalism are better.

We should welcome others into these life-giving truths, not crush them out of spite or dismiss them because they believe differently than we do. If we do that, than we are simply authoritarians by another name.

If that’s true, then maybe it’s time to evaluate what we truly believe about society, politics, and freedom.

As podcaster Dan Carlin quipped, “It’s not about whether you win or lose, it’s about how you play the game.”

Well, we’ve won now, so how are we going to play this game?

Josh Carter is the host of the Resistance Podcast

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