“running on empty, there was nothing left in me but doubt, I picked up a pen and wrote my way out” ~Aloe Blacc

Tell me if you’ve heard it before, “politics is downstream of culture…”

Culture being the important word here.

Listening to podcasts as a teenager helped unlock my mind because I wanted to access the type of information I wanted, not what the mainstream wanted to stuff down my throat. If you’ve been a listener of the Remso Republic you know how just a spark of inspiration can lead to something amazing.

There is a boom in alternative media very few saw coming, but looking at the trends of society this was something we should have seen a mile away. What the internet has done is empowered Kansas boys to have their voices heard from coast to coast to countries far, far away. The internet is allowing people the ability to spark a revolution in thought and action.

Libertarians are incredibly lucky because they have a space of the internet that surpasses that of other groups of political ideology. The problem is that people stick themselves in their little corner and preach to the choir. They argue among each other and beat their arguments into a pulp, not achieving anything. Libertarians are cowardly when it comes to one area of popular discussion though, they refuse to admit that culture is what needs to be the target because they fear the opinion of other libertarians more than those that would silence truth and dictate the conversation.

Purity tests kill movements.

Recently people have questioned if I’m a libertarian because I don’t go on rants about Rothbard and pray at the alter of Gary Johnson or Ron Paul. Honestly I ignore those haters because they are narrow minded, limited capacity thinkers who don’t see the bigger picture. I’m not going to wait for Republicans to replace populism with libertarianism or  for the Libertarian Party to get their act together. Politics won’t fix anything unless we fix ourselves going forward. I’m not going to wait for all these keyboard warriors to turn intention into action and do something.

I’m done waiting because I have to be more than a libertarian podcast. Covering the converted and combating the divergent don’t do a single thing in life. I’m done waiting for people to find me when I should be bringing the conversation to them. It’s time to leave your safe space people, because we are embarking where few liberty oriented shows go.

We need more Glenn Beck, less Alex Jones if we want to learn how to speak directly into the minds of other people.

Season 2 is going back to the roots of the program, we are going to empower, activate, and remind people that when you don’t think your prayers are being answered each time you ask for “someone to do something”, you look in the mirror and learn your name is “somebody.”

The future of the liberty movement will be comprised of civil libertarians, constitutional conservatives, and progressives tired of the Democrat monopoly. Putting the labels aside, the liberty movement will be comprised of free thinking individuals who work with the single intention of getting things done instead of hoping for it.

Time and time and time again, who will tell your story in the end? I know that this story is about individuals who place action in front of intention, and are writing the story of their fights and deliverance.

The Remso Republic is going to bring combating the current culture front and center, and the mix of amazing guests from all worldviews and walks of life are going to show you that this isn’t just another libertarian podcast, this is a platform for ideas and a stage for the advancement of peace, individualism, and free enterprise.

The stakes are higher, the guests are rarer, and the conversations here are ones you won’t get elsewhere.



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