The best definition of problem solver someone once told be was this, “problem solvers identify something inconvenient or something they hate and then they move to provide the solution.” I also like what Ross Perot stated back in the 90’s, “the activist is not the one who says the river is dirty. The activist is the one who cleans up the river.”

My good friend Jordan Stein has spent several years advocating not for gun rights, but for natural rights. The right to defend yourself, the right to protect yours and your property, the right to not explain your right to others. Where others franchise clubs and other organizations, Jordan started from scratch by founding, running, and providing the vision for Students at Liberty for Gun Rights.

When I founded SL4GR a few years ago, I never knew it would have exploded with such enthusiasm. Promoting the Second Amendment through SL4GR has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The guest speakers, range days, and club events have been quite the thrill.

With this said, it’s time for a change in SL4GR. Because of upcoming graduation in May, I am stepping down as President of SL4GR.

But I’m excited to announced addition of two new officers to the leadership – Tanner Ray as Executive Director and Cassy Ford as Chairwoman. I’m ecstatic to have these two on the team, and excited to see them take SL4GR to new heights.

In Liberty,

Jordan Stein
Founder and President Emeritus
Students at Liberty for Gun Rights

What did Jordan do what others fail at?

Activists have vision

Vision involves two things, a burden and envisioning the end result. People hear “burden” and they think inconvenience, but in the Christian worldview “burden” is more of a task, it’s something you identify which others don’t and only you can provide the solution. Liberty University may be the most conservative campus in the US, but there are still fierce anti-firearms, pro gun control types that run around evangelical circles. In terms of the end result, it isn’t simply where you finish things up, it’s where you leave knowing that once you’re gone, you don’t have to go back.

Activists are activists because they take action

Business, politics, everywhere and anywhere you have people that talk big game but don’t take things beyond words because actions require work. Losers talk a big game, but activists care about results.

Activists care about results, not intentions

Speaking of results, results aren’t simply an effort, when people observe your results they want to see that things got better. Everyone judges you, and people don’t care how good you can sell if you don’t deliver.

Frankly, the good thing about being unpopular is that when I call certain people losers no one can actually act surprised. Jordan and his team at SL4GR are winners because no one can deny results, and the long term result of SL4GR is that the conservative world and liberty movement now have individuals who are empowered and ready to go effect the world in their own unique way.

Movements go nowhere when people don’t know where to go, and it’s up to those with an understanding of their burden’s to direct the path ahead.



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