Gene Wilder took a stand decades ago when he refused to take part in an industry going awry. With each new obscene film the ball kept rolling and it just seemed like nothing shocked us anymore.

There was that American Pie film where a dude got raped by a moose, and don’t even get me started with “Sausage Party.” I’m not gonna lie and call myself a puritan; I love South Park, and will watch the Hangover on repeat and I think Family Guy is an American classic, but the thing is I want to share fun things with my family and friends without worrying about boundaries.

In this interview with Christian comedian Bob Smiley, I began to understand that comedy is more of an art, and that good comedy is something we can share shamelessly with everyone.

This is by far the most enriching interview I’ve done thus far, and I hope you learn and laugh as much as I did.


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