This piece was published 1/20/17 at Being Libertarian.

Everyone wants to be heard, and people will go to outrageous lengths to be seen. The feeling that you get when people want to learn about who you are is a rush and just like many things, once you feel it, you want to chase it to the end of the line.

Inside of my own social media echo chamber, I see a barrage of right wing stories covering the crooked mainstream media, special snowflakes on college campuses, and willfully ignorant liberal figures. It’s almost like a pattern, a twisted angry, dim pattern of binary thinkers crying for my attention. Many public figures I once had respect for due to their unique outlook and critical thinking, have now fallen prey to the spotlight rat race.

Conservatives are in a unique position in this post-Obama world. For many, it’s cool to be a young, attractive, female conservative stirring the pot, or to be a loud conservative male begging the social justice mafia to descend upon them like a pack of wolves so the world can see them stand in the remains. It seems every day there is a new golden child claiming to be the next William F. Buckley, but instead act and think like Sean Hannity.

All flash, no substance.

You can read the rest at Being Libertarian.

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