Eric July and company are back, and they’re pulling no punches with their brand new single “Self-Ownership”. This is the first offering from their upcoming album “Veracity” which is scheduled to drop March 31st. For those of you who don’t know, July’s band Backwordz is doing for many of the Libertarian persuasion what Rage Against the Machine did for leftists during their reign on the charts.

July is a self-admitted AnCap Libertarian and unapologetically touts this fact in his lyricism.

“It’s a contradiction if freedom has to be legalized
For example, when a cop’s shooting a black man you focus on the racism, ignoring all the statism
Holding signs, rioting is not about to save him
Cause you must’ve forgot that that’s the power that you gave them
Criminal justice reform is a euphemism
For a bunch of dumb, foolish slaves with Stockholm Syndrome
Thinking they’ll be held to the same standard, don’t do it
What so they can investigate themselves and find no wrongdoing?
Bro, sit and think about this foolishness
You hit the ballot box supporting fools that don’t know you exist
Warfare, healthcare, and your minimum wage
Call it progressive man, but you’re an obedient slave…” 

-Self-Ownership, Backwordz

Right now America doesn’t need new politicians. We don’t need the “right people” to “fix the system”. What America desperately needs is a generation of culture changers who will challenge predominant fallacies which have been drilled into the populace through years of publicly funded indoctrination, resulting in the destruction of the enterprising American spirit.

The culture is where we begin and that change in culture will change our politics.

If American’s truly realized they are their own authority, that they don’t have to ask permission to be free from the self-important political/celebrity classes of society, we would indeed spark a brand new revolution in the history of this country. This revolution will counter the perceived need for violent change advocated by many in the Antifa ranks, who seem to be popping up at every major protest in the country now. It is a direct challenge to those who believe that violence is the solution by offering the possibility of voluntary cooperation, not as segmented identity blocks of power, but as individual human beings who all wish to be free.

This begins with a cultural paradigm shift. A shift that artists like July and his band are actively trying to promote, the fact that they actually make great music is a wonderful bonus!

Backwordz is blazing that trail in the music industry with their unapologetic message of freedom, voluntaryism mixed with a ferocious, well-produced sound. If you’d like to support their efforts make sure you preorder their new album at:


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