The most recent breakthrough in charitable giving goes to a man named Gret Glyer, and his app called DonorSee. DonorSee is an app that allows its users to actually view the benefits of their monetary contributions through either video or images. When you download the app, you’ll be able to peruse through a myriad of different projects, each with different funding goals, you can select a project that resonates with you, choose an amount to contribute toward the goal, and see the end result of your contribution.

Libertarians rejoice!

Throughout history technology has continuously evolved, and innovation necessarily brings much needed change to traditional understandings of “the way things are done”, and charity is no exception to this rule. In an era of skepticism, and wariness regarding all corporations (some criticisms entirely justified), charities have come under fire due to hefty overhead, paying salaries, questions about transparency, and not enough funding going toward those the charities are actually claiming to help, DonorSee is a breath of fresh air. With the operational costs being kept low (thanks technology!), and funds being directly deposited to aid worker’s accounts to avoid corrupt foreign governments’ taking a cut from charitable funds, this platform has the potential to be one of the single most cost-effective, revolutionary advances in global charitable contributions yet!

I think the best part about this platform, in my opinion, is the potential to subvert the massive foreign aid programs that are the sources of massive waste, fraud, and abuse which government is notorious for. The taxpayers will be let off the hook with this new advance in technology. Why would we allow government to squander money and resources to ineffectively help those in afflicted regions when we, the individuals, can simply do the job more directly, and effectively ourselves? What a huge blow to the bureaucratic state! What a massive win for the impoverished people globally!

Here’s another great thing about this pioneering endeavor…

In the interview with Gret, he mentioned one of the positive characteristics of millennials (the desire for better relationships), and identified this tendency as being a catalyst to propel this medium of giving forward. I forsee this being an incredible benefit to the givers, many of whom are saturated in the digital world from birth, a connection beyond just numbers. This has the potential for those who live in the insulated, American/Western bubble to truly connect, and empathize with those literally half a wold away. This potential in and of itself is revolutionary. It can help shift the paradigm, and usher in a new era of voluntary, cooperative interaction in the pursuit of building a better world.

I was so pumped after interviewing Gret that I downloaded the app, and began browsing many of the different causes.

Here’s the thing about visionaries; their enthusiasm is infectious, and that in turn allows us to dream of better in a world which is often painted in darkened tones by the 24-hour news cycle. It gives us permission to envision the things many wish for every single day, and here’s the beauty of that vision…this revolution in giving allows the possibility of taking a tangible step toward realizing that dream.

Check out DonorSee for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

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