I didn’t think they’d actually do it, but it happened…

For the first time, show producer Ryan and I will be heading to CPAC this year, not just as guest, but as fully credentialed media (mail me bottles of your tears haters, because we are officially legit), which means we will have some amazing coverage of inside CPAC providing you the full scoop and that one and only insight Team Republic can give you.

So what do you have to look forward to from us?

Ryan and I have been able to coordinate with some of our awesome friends and past and future guests of the show such as:

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-John Wood: Junior at Liberty studying International Relations and is originally from Southern California. He is currently the Second Vice-Chairman of the College Republicans at Liberty University.

-Cassie Gagon: First Vice Chairwoman of College Republicans at Liberty University and will graduate in May with degrees in Politics & Policy and Western Legal Traditions. She plans to attend Antonin Scalia Law School in the Fall, where she will specialize in Litigation.

-Jordan Stein: Senior at Liberty University, where he founded Students at Liberty for Gun Rights.

-Nicholas Hamilton: President of Christians 4 Freedom at Liberty University.

-Kaytee Moyer: Political pundit and former Students For Liberty Campus Coordinator.

-Myah Bowermaster: Turning Point USA chapter director, Texas state director for Second Amendment Institute, and contributor for Hypeline and Campus Reform.

-Jonah Athey: Chairman of the College Republicans at Liberty University

Together we’ll be going on tours of the convention, hold live interviews, host some Q and A’s, and whatever else comes our way.

So what can you do to join the fun?

Sign up for our “Edge of the Republic” Newsletter where we’ll be holding exclusive:

-Nightly journals going into details of CPAC exclusive to newsletter subscribers.

-Exclusive prize drawings.

-Access to insider information and deals.

Also, this is a big deal for us, which means a lot of this is coming out of pocket. As of right now we are attempting to raise $300 to cover travel expenses, lodging, and help us promote all the awesome stuff going on at CPAC, so if you could help us out that would help us bring you the information and entertainment you love!










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