There is a first time for everything right?

Off the bat, Producer Ryan and I want to give a special thank you to our donors who helped us not only pay off lodging, but also help replace our broken tripod. Producing a podcast is difficult, and trying to create a revenue neutral is an even larger challenge. So to all of you who donated, I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart and say you lifted a giant burden off our shoulders.

The donor MVP’s during our Swagger Wagon crowdfund were:

Al Billingsly

Phil Surdham

Andrea Rand

Matt Augustine

C. Micheal Pickens

While at CPAC, producer Ryan and I weren’t just able to live stream from some events, but we were able to network for the show while at the same time investigating whether or not there was still room for liberty in the conservative movement, while at the same time dealing with some pesky Democrat protesters during the whole Russian flag fiasco.

Additionally, you got to see my disorganized basement during my Google Hangout CPAC recap with Alex Merced (I promise next time we’ll have a backdrop more suitable).

Oh, and I hope you enjoyed our live streams with Producer Ryan, Myah Baeza (Bowermaster), Jordan Stein, and Cassie. I apologize for not getting everyone as mentioned last week but I can ensure you we still have some stuff in the pipeline.

the Alt-Right is strong in this one…

So finally onto the big question, did I get good vibes from CPAC?

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Yes and no…

Yes, because it showed a healthy libertarian streak by hosting organizations such as Log Cabin Republicans, American Atheists, the Stonegait Institute, and Students For Liberty.

No, because a large number of the speakers, who openly admitted to voting for Obama not once, but twice, were essentially allowed to help direct the conservative agenda. I don’t have a problem with people that at one time voted for progressive candidates, but in terms of free trade, limited government, sane foreign policy, and constitutionalism, they only focused on political correctness. Apart from that I have never been surrounded by so many “neo-confederates” in my life. They weren’t a majority by any means but there were one too many people running to hug Richard Spencer. I became a Republican in December but I’ve been a liberty advocate for as long as I can remember. We don’t need to purge people in the conservative movement but we need to have an understanding of what conservatism is.

Yes, because conservative icons such as Ted Cruz, Jim Demint, and Mark Levin along with some others were still able to attract large crowds to their events.

No because rarely was the constitution ever mentioned among the majority of the speakers.

So all in all, great event and lots of fun but the conservative movement is far from a united conservative movement. What I can say for sure is that conservative women are classier, conservative ideas are right when they acknowledge it’s libertarian heart, and conservative dudes don’t need safe spaces.

All I can guarantee is this, next year is hopefully going to be just as, if not more, of a blast than this year.


I forgot about the new clubs Ryan and I joined!

“You’re fake news” from an angry Facebook fan got me into the Fake News Club!

“You’re Project Veritas!” from the Russian flag guy got me into the Everyone I Fear Is Project Veritas Club!

“You don’t know the experience of being white” got me into the Hated By The Alt-Right Club!

Special thanks to Students at Liberty for Gun Rights, the College Republicans at Liberty University, and Christians 4 Freedom at Liberty University for making this CPAC so amazing.



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