We are about to touch the one year anniversary of our small program. What started in a basement and a donation from a friend to by a cheap microphone has turned into a quality, fun, provocative program that succeeds in entertaining and informing liberty minded listeners from coast to coast and everything in between. Making the message of fly-over country go global, this isn’t just another libertarian show, this is the authentic clash of punk rock and politics that America wants.

Thanks to listeners like you, we are moving leaps and bounds ahead of our wildest dreams.

Several days ago we applied to join TheBlaze Content Partnership program, in which they would not only syndicate our show through their podcast network, but also help us market the Remso Republic in ways we can’t do ourselves, as well as help us turn this from a once to twice a week show into something we could possibly do more often, even potentially full time.

Producer Ryan and I have a month until we hear back from them, but we could use some support in making sure our message is heard.

The viewers, voters, and fantastic fans of the Remso Republic nation want to see this soar.

Please sign our petition today.


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