So this is what America has come to- the Antifa (a gang of whiny socialists that hate fascism so much, they want to destroy free speech) and the Alt-right (the undefinable cult that just likes to antagonize and look for fights).

Recently another riot broke out in California during a pro Trump rally (isn’t the election over already?). The Antifa gestapo showed up to fight and that’s what they got from this “peaceful” rally. I’ve been to more than one rally in my day, and I don’t remember every bringing a gas mask or a freaking shield with me.

Here comes stick guy.

I don’t know who threw the first punch or what but this is ridiculous. Yes, it was wrong for that one dude to sucker punch the Nazi known as Richard Spencher, but these Alt-Right goons are literally dressed for a fight and they brought weapons.

Both sides are on the wrong in this situation. Don’t get caught up in defending one or the other. God only knows if it were two black gangs going head to head in public like this Fox News would be all on it.

Here is the viral clip of Captain Alt-Right beating a dude with a stick.

And here is the full clip of the protest.

Only children and degenerates get this way. I see nothing to celebrate in this situation.


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