I loved CPAC, the people were nice, the women were classy, the speakers were intelligent, and the atmosphere was receptive and fun. Well, then the Democrats with the Russian flags showed up and then there was a protest outside the hotel where it was held but what do you expect right?

Well, it turns out Democrats don’t just want to crash our party, they want to start their own…

bender 1
Bill Clinton will bring the porn stars

According to TheBlaze:

Organizers of the liberal conclave want their event to serve a similar purpose for their own cause by sharing policy proposals, not just attacks on Trump.

“So much of our time right now is engaged, and rightfully so, in fighting Trump. On any given day, he issues one affront to progressive values after another,” Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress, told Politico. “It’s obviously critical that we provide a positive alternative of how we’re going to address the country’s challenges.”

Some liberal activists fear that the event will lead to infighting in the face of conflicting policy proposals and will be a waste of time and resources as Democrats head into the 2018 midterm election.

“There’s a level of energy out there that I haven’t seen, and it’s not our role to pick winners and losers,” Tanden said. “I think there will be a process. Some people will be really successful. Some won’t. It’s great to have that trial and error out there.”

So the question remains, are the Democrats original when it comes to anything?

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