I try and plug myself into leftist culture so you don’t have to…

So during my spring break (in which half my plans got cancelled because of snow, yeah, snow) I took the time to watch Amy Schumer’s “Leather Special” on Netflix. It was an hour of of nothing. I like crude humor, I don’t care if comedians make fun of my faith or politics if they make me laugh, but I felt like she was reading from her diary of shame instead of giving us actually funny material.

Can I tell you a single joke from the special? No, I couldn’t even tell where the hook was and where the punch line ended. It was constant sex puns and gross stories of her sexual journey.  She continually discussed her vagina and terrible sex life with her boyfriend. The audience’s laughter was more of a pity laugh than an all-out “OMG this is hilarious.”

This is the left’s idol, a crude women pretending to be a comedian who isn’t even funny. They don’t care about her jokes, they laugh at them because they feel they need to or else their whole worldview is a scam.

The left has Rachel Maddow, Schumer, and Lena Dunham while the right has so many classy, funny, genuine women that celebrate their femininity and and individualism. It’s because of classy conservative and liberated libertarian that the left can’t stand us, because for them it’s easier to stand on a lie instead of accept the truth; leftist culture is bland, nihilistic, and based on a scam.


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