A year ago Producer Ryan and I launched the Remso Republic. For the most part I’d say we are successful with plenty of room to grow. I look back and reflect on what we have accomplished, and here is the list of lessons I put together.

  • Get ready to hear “no” way more often then you hear yes.

Season 1 was blessed because of my connections through several years of activism and campaigning. Things got to the point where I had to reach out to people I didn’t know in order to keep the show going. For every ten invitations I’d send out, maybe two or three will say yes. I hurts, especially when you know they’ve read the email, or they just say “I’m not interested.” You put your heart and your soul into this and asking someone to come on can sometimes feel like begging. It gets to the point where you have to move and and give all the more attention to those that want to join the program and show the world what they’re missing out on. “No” is just a no, the circumstances don’t change and now you have more time to focus on “yes.”

  • The work, time, and money you put it will seem like a waste more than once.

Running a show is difficult, and trying to run even an revenue neutral podcast is even more difficult. Politics sucks, learning how to have to pay for everything sucks, and doing something that feels like you’re wasting time sucks more. Take a break, step back, and breath, there is no shame saying that you need a break. Take the breaks, and reevaluate, ultimately you’ll remember why you’ve put so much effort in the first place.

  • No one is as passionate about what you’re passionate about as you are.

This is your thing, and people will say they want to help and all that jazz but it will always come down to you. Only you hold the vision, don’t get frustrated when people don’t see that.

  • It’s easy to do what everyone does, don’t do it.

Too many young podcasts follow the same format, and people aren’t looking for the same old thing. There are no rules, so don’t restrict yourself to boundaries and ideas that aren’t there.

  • Prepare to rely on the kindness of others.

The show could never have happened unless a friend of mine gave me $50 for a microphone. More than once I’ve relied on friends, family, and strangers to get me through situations where I just couldn’t get through it on my own. God wants us to work together; when you’re alone and someone offers you a hand, take it.

  • Be grateful for everything.

Every listener, subscriber, donor, every individual that asks you for advice or to come on their show, take it and love it no matter what.

  • Humility is a cornerstone.

Don’t be a jerk, this is so important or else you turn into someone you don’t like.

  • Remember how things began.

You don’t know how far you’ve gone until you’ve looked back.


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