Merissa Hamilton


Merissa was just a regular Tea Party Republican until Rand Paul and Ted Cruz dropped out of the 2016 presidential field. Travelling to Orlando for the Libertarian National Convention, Merissa didn’t just leave a card carrying libertarian, but instead launched an insurgent write-in campaign for US Senate in Arizona, and continues in her activism as a pro-life advocate and warrior against abuses of CPS.

Angela Morabito


From Fox News to RT, Angela is always running around making the argument for conservative causes in the beltway. As the campaign strategist for, she helps petitioners in their goal to have their voices heard.

Heather Nixon


After months of work on the Johnson-Weld campaign, the wonderful voice of reason from the Johnny Rocket Launch Pad began truly blazing her own path with the Ladies of Liberty Alliance. A strong advocate against social justice feminists, she now works as the volunteer coordinator for Libertarian candidate Paul Addis in his campaign for city council in Kent, WA.

Lucy Brenton


One of the most successful Libertarian candidates in 2016, Lucy wrapped up her US Senate campaign and continues in her activism to shed light on big pharmaceuticals and unnecessary vaccinations.

Becky Gerritson


The original Tea Party activist, Becky leads the way for conservative causes in her state of Alabama with her friends and family. A regular guest on Varney and Co. on FBN, she is still to this day continuing her fight against the monster that is the IRS.


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