Running is the worst thing on Earth, I absolutely hate it, yet it’s part of my life…

My first several years of college were in Alabama, and behind the main campus of Marion Military Institute was a back-road that spanned probably six miles or so. I used to tell myself that if I had to run for distance, I’d take that road simply out of pure enjoyment. Straight and narrow, quiet, quaintly beautiful, and I actually felt extremely comfortable knowing I was alone. The environment made running more leisure than task to knockout during the day. I enjoyed that lonely road just because, at least to me, it meant something more than just a different route.

Sitting inside the tent at the wedding for my girlfriend’s brother recently, I was alone with some of her family (she was off performing her bridesmaid’s duties) waiting for things to start. There was a point where I was just zoning out mentally, thinking about all the future tasks and deadlines I needed to remember, stressing out about being stressing as if I wasn’t stressed enough, losing track knowing where my own thoughts were going.

The wedding started and everything went the way it was supposed to. I stopped being trapped in my own thoughts for a moment and looked at my stunning girlfriend in her bridesmaid dress, I then turned to her brother and his new bride and then a quick look around the room. In my line of work we tend to only celebrate achievement, we dress up when we want to look good and ask for something and there is never a moment to dwell on frivolous things. I wondered for a fleeting second why people sacrificed time and money to come out for a wedding (I know I sound terrible, bear with me).

Asking myself “why” led to a random thought- why couldn’t I enjoy something simply just because it was beautiful? Why won’t I let myself enjoy something simply for the sake of enjoying it? Sometimes you don’t have to gain anything, ask for anything, wait for the next step or wonder where the benefit is. Sometimes you do something just because you enjoy it, and beautiful things can be beautiful for their own sake, and nothing more.

It was a fun and heartwarming event and guests came because they wanted to celebrate a union between two people who love each other. It’s also one of the most enjoyable nights I’ve had in a long time and I’ll remember it for years to come, mainly because I even got my girlfriend to dance in public which was an achievement itself.

There is a time for work and there is a time for rest. Sometimes we don’t even have to say we need to enjoy something, but enjoy something because we can. 

Can’t we enjoy simple things just because they’re beautiful?

I think if more people chilled out and just paused to look around and reflect on the moments in front of them, our society would be much calmer, and dare I say, happier.

Oh, congratulations Alex and Corrine…




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