X-Men has been relegated to the back bin for Marvel for several years because of film and merchandising conflicts between Marvel and Fox. Despite not being completely canned like the Fantastic Four, the X-Men series saw a resurgence post “Avengers vs. X-Men” when the whole series was flipped on it’s head, giving us bad guy Cyclops, time displaced young X-Men, Dead Professor X, Dead Wolverine, and a fantastic “Cable and X-Force” series. While Marvel might be pushing for the Inhumans to try and topple their mutant fandom, the new line of “ResurreXion” titles such as X-Men: Gold, X-Men: Blue, Weapon X, Iceman, Cable, and others are truly breathing fresh air into the franchise.

While I’ve collected the first couple issues of the new X titles to come out thus far, X-Men: Blue has really stuck out and is now on the top of my pull list at the local comic shop, here is why.

5. A Team That Shares Style Together Fights Together

The first comic series I was ever serious about collecting was Ultimate X-Men; while the mainstream Marvel Universe was a little difficult to jump into (these days with all the constant reboots, retcons, and other nonsense it seems like child’s play looking back) being aware of the movies and knowing that the Ultimate series was made for young and new readers.

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What I admired about the Ultimate X-Men was that they wore matching costumes like the films, but also like the original X-Men. This was cool for me because it showed the X-Men as a unified force, and none wore masks which added to the theme that they wanted to connect with humanity in order to show mutant kind was brave enough to be accepted. The matching uniforms showed that there was a common bond, and there was a broader meaning that anyone could put on a X-Men uniform and despite who they were, represented something greater than themselves.

4. New Stories Free Of Previous Canon Drama And Baggage

Every year it seems the X-Men go through some insane continuity change and before you know it, everything about the series has changed in the blink of an eye. What issue one of X-Men: Blue established is that this isn’t just presenting a new story and possibility for fresh stories to be told, but that the entire reading experience feels new again, and that is a rare thing to find in comics these days.

3. Good Guy Magneto


Something I always loved was the Age of Apocalypse where Magneto was actually in charge of the X-Men. Over the last decade we’ve seen Magneto go from villain to hero and some massive character development. It’s a long time coming to see him now lead the new generation of younger X-Men, though the one thing about Magneto we should note is that he always has something up his sleeve…

2. Jean Grey At The Helm


Maybe it’s because I’ve always been more of an Emma Frost fan, but Jean Grey just never seemed like anything more than the Dark Phoenix or another damsel in distress. Seeing her as the new team leader is a drastic switch from almost fifty years of character continuity, and frankly I think it makes for a better story.

1. Jimmy Hudson Lives

The idea of a young Wolverine and a young team of X-Men takes me back to my fond memories of Ultimate X-Men, which is all even sweeter since the young Wolverine is revealed to be a memory erased Jimmy Hudson, a castaway from the alternate Ultimate timeline akin to Old Man Logan who is in the Current Weapon X and X-Men: Gold titles (along with his own). If I needed a reason to stick to this series, bringing back Jimmy is the coolest reason found.


You can find X-Men: Blue #1 and #2 on shelves today!

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