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Candidate For GOP Nom. Avoids Only GOP Debate, Because Obviously It’s Not Important…

I’ve been around the block for several years in the world of campaigns, from policy analysis, campaign managing, commercial development, grassroots activism, you name it I’ve done it. What you learn when molding a candidate is that they aren’t all that sharp sometimes when it comes to running a race. Campaigns are long, inconvenient, you build new relationships and you burn some bridges along the way. Sometimes you make compromises, and sometimes you just need to know when to hold your cards close to your chest.

But sometimes people just go off the deep end and flat out do something so disappointing you don’t know what to say. Bethany Harrison, running for commonwealth’s attorney out here in Lynchburg (where I happen to live and be a voter), the same city with bad human trafficking history and now a serious gang problem, has decided to skip the one and only Republican debate before the June 13th primary. Let me remind you that Mrs. Harrison is running against Tim Griffin for the Republican nomination, so not attending the only Republican debate is like racing in the Daytona 500 without a car.

Here is her released statement below:


I don’t know about the crazy drama going into this race, but accusing your opponent of colluding with the debate organizers is a rough accusation, and I hardly think that there is anything more important than the only debate for your party before a primary. This is either weak strategy or just plain avoidance. How is she supposed to go up against MS-13 if she can’t get her schedule right for things that are important and then complain when they don’t go her way?


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