The Remso Republic is proud to be teaming up with the Johnny Rocket Launch Pad to bring you the next best independent comic book- Liberty Force, written and drawn by the JRLP’s own Johnny “Rocket” Adams.

Using science fiction and the medium of comics to take the reader not only on a super powered, space age adventure, but also on a philosophical journey where the lines between liberty and statism are clearly drawn, this is a story you can share with anyone and everyone who enjoys great art work and a compelling story.

The synopsis of the story reads:

Three courageous explorers are sent out on a routine exploratory mission to the edge of the galaxy. When they stumble upon an ancient outpost, the discovery will change their world forever and shatter their reality. They soon realize they’ve been charged with superhuman powers, and a dangerous mission. Together they must harness their new abilities to prevent the tyrannical Major Hobbes from destroying their ancient outpost, which is the key to the future of liberty and freedom in the galaxy.​

Reviews are already coming in from those who got an advanced read of it, and so far they are pretty awesome:

Liberty Force is fun in its own right. That it casts liberty itself as the unseen protagonist makes it more than simply good entertainment. – Antony Davies, Associate Professor of Economics at Duquesne University, and Learn Liberty. 

The clash of science fiction and freedom takes the reader on a rabble rousing good time as the Liberty Force not only deals with the terrors of space, but that of an authoritarian regime that controls all aspects of human life. If Star Trek and Rothbard ever combined into a fantastic story, Liberty Force would be it. –Ryan Martinez, Radio Producer.

​Engaging artwork and a fun sci-fi adventure story combined to effectively communicate the principles of liberty!-Professor Aeon J Skoble. Bridgewater State University.

​Effectively communicating the liberty message in a fun, adventerous way, not to mention the beautiful artwork. You don’t want to miss this one! – Rodger Paxton, The LAVA Flow Podcast, Pax Libertas Productions.

Liberty Force is set for release in several months, but you can go ahead and pre-order a copy or a special edition by visiting this link.

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