A year ago I had a severe concussion that turned into a violent traumatic brain injury. My health was poor, I was putting over the counter toxins in my body to try and fix things, and my stress level for a year only made things worse.

I’m not all there yet, but I’ve had a drastic turn in my life since I adopted a new style of health centered products and habits that have helped turn things around. I also know way too many people who were in the same boat as me, and are trying to find a better way to live in a world filled with toxins, bad practices, and diets and medicines that cover up the pain instead of fixing it.

I’m proud to announce we’ll be adding new blogs to the Remso Republic focusing on healthy living in an unhealthy world, with Remso Republic director of photography Julianna Bouffard taking the helm as primary contributor. We hope we will be able to provide great articles and features to help you be the best version of you possible.


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