A majority of podcasts don’t make it past ten episodes, and by November alone we will have broken well around a hundred episodes. A dream that started in a basement with my brother and a cheap microphone has turned into something that has opened up new opportunities, relationships, challenges, and knowledge we wouldn’t have been able to obtain otherwise. You have to invest in the world you want to see, and each time you download, share, donate, and take the time to spend a few minutes on the site or the show, you are helping promote the ideas of a freer, safer society.

With Season 2 wrapping up in a few days, Producer Ryan and I are taking the steps needed to ensure that Season 3 brings you everything you want and more. While this is a month to relax and slowly prep, things are going to be a bit different since now Ryan and I will be working on the program full time for the foreseeable future. This means increasing a lot of the awesome stuff that you enjoy thus far, while also bringing out new content that diversifies what we dive into.

Engage The Culture 

We started as purely a political podcast but have since taken the natural progression towards becoming a show that doesn’t reflect or observe the culture, but instead one that engages it. The principles of individual freedom transcend politics, and whether we are talking about the latest comic book release or jumping into the paranormal, we are going to where few libertarian and conservative content creators go. So often we want to live in a void, but instead Team Republic wants to engage the world around it.

Newer, More Diverse Serials

A lot of what can be done has been done, but not many things have been done our way. Starting in Season 3 we are going to guarantee at least one new weekday, limited serial per season about a topic you may not even know you’d ever be interested in. To check out some of our old serials, you can check this out.

Interact With The Show

This season show producer Ryan is cooking up some great opportunities to test out better quality live stream capabilities. Apart from that we will have some cool speaking engagements where we can actually come to you and host a great lecture or event. We even have our new Patreon rewards program where you can get exclusive content and opportunities regular listeners can’t.

Live Free, Live Healthy

Starting next week we are launching our new health and wellness section with Julianna Bouffard, the show’s director of photography, as lead contributor. This will have regular flowing content throughout the site showing you a better way to live in a healthy state physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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