Over the past week, Team Republic has seen overwhelming support for our petition to have the Libertarian Party National Committee remove Vice Chair Arvin Vohra. To be clear, I would have initiated this petition whether the spokesman had been a Democrat or a Republican, I’m not targeting this for any other reason other than we need to call out those in positions of influence who slander and verbally attack those who pledge to defend our nation. I was hoping Mr. Vohra would apologize, but instead he doubled down on stupid. He might not be listening, but hopefully members of the Libertarian National Committee will. Here is what some of you have said over at our StandUnited.org petition.

I have been conflicted with being a part of the LP for a long time, because of idiotic stunts (especially recently) like quoting a Satanist during Holy Week, and now this. It drives people, myself included, away from the LP. ~Micah Y.

This isn’t about what Arvin said, it’s about ensuring we do not have destructive leadership within the LP. Regardless of whether or not his comments are accurate, his comments make the LP look bad. It was a childish attack, and served no purpose in the advancement of our cause. ~Aaron V.

As a combat veteran I came to the party expecting a pragmatic approach to government. Arvin’s going off the deep end demonstrates that reality is overrun by rhetoric. Failing to offer a sincere apology is the straw that broke my back, and I see nothing but negative fallout and division within the party from his statements. If you want to have an opinion, I support that, but I can not support academic idealism, and the raw insults based on it, tainting the overall image of the party. ~Tim O.

When you insult the very people keeping you free, then double and triple down on stupidity, its time to go. You can be anti-war and still support our troops, without alienating the very people that insure the freedoms we enjoy. ~Seth W.

Veterans and non-military both agree, you can be against bad policy without being against those that defend our nation. You can help out today by signing our petition today.

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