Flash 5 throws five questions regarding current events to subject experts who can give brief and precise answers giving you accurate, fast information you can take in five minutes or less.

Mason Clark is a conservative activist and internal operations manager at The Rouser.

1. Comey firing- surprise or past due?

Mason Clark (MC): Mildly surprising, it’s not every day that the establishment gets messed around with.

2. Russian claims overdone or not done enough?

MC: I’m not too privy on the Russian claims.

3. Best thing about the Trump administration?

MC: The fact that Trump is willing to fire people is brilliant for our government. That’s a major disconnection in government, there’s many people even in big offices that shouldn’t be there.

4. Worst thing about the Trump administration?

MC: The worst part on the administration’s behalf is the partisan motivations that could be behind the move. Certainly there are good reasons for Comey to have been fired, but we can’t be as naive to think that the Clinton email situation didn’t influence Trump’s decision. decision. Given Trump’s disability to relieve grudges, I think this made an impact.

5. Is Richard Spencer a racist?

MC: Richard Spencer is absolutely a racist, when you listen to him speak his resentment towards black people is palpable.



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