For eight years the Obama Administration ran a lawless, rogue government that pushed many Americans to reach a state of racial strife not seen for decades. Democrats ran a candidate for president who wanted to loot the country at large, and had a runner up who would see massive state sponsored theft as a realistic option for governing.

The likes of Richard Spencer aren’t far from the grouping of marxists, anarchists, and progressive domestic terrorists such as the Black Block and the Antifa. What Spencer promotes is, by it’s very definition, national-socialism centered around a racial hierarchy. Sadly, very few are calling this out for what it is, except for Congressman Tom Garrett who published a piece calling out Spencer’s hate rally in his district the other day:

I embrace an ideology rooted in protecting the ultimate minority – the individual. Collectivization based on race or any other distinguishing trait has no home in republican principles. These practices inherently divide us, run counter to our core, and regressively reject others from joining our cause. There is no home in my party—the party of our founding documents, the party of Lincoln, and the party that fought to pass the Civil Rights Act—for a race-based organization. For as much rhetoric as the modern Left uses to associate these actions with my party, I expected to see more of Virginia’s democratic leaders condemn these actions, yet Senator Kaine and Governor McAuliffe remain silent.

The “individual”- the by far the most persecuted minority in the world. The Left wants you and the Right wants you but by the very nature of your being, the only one who can speak out for you and only you, must be you. I’m glad at least somebody in D.C. understands that.


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