Flash 5 throws five questions regarding current events to subject experts who can give brief and precise answers giving you accurate, fast information you can take in five minutes or less.

Alex Shaw is the host of the Classical Liberal podcast, available on iTunes and wherever podcasts can be found.
1. CNN- fake news or very fake news?
Alex Shaw (AS): CNN is fake news! They, continue to make mistakes like the LP. Are they in a competition?

2. O’Reilly- set up or overblown?
AS: This is completely overblown and a setup. We all know he’s crazy what’s there to debate. So, of course, they set him up to get a new fresh young face on TV.
3. Hardest thing about podcasting?
AS: The hardest thing about podcasting is getting over the fear to podcast. I find that there are many people who want to podcast or make videos. But they are too scared to share their views or they don’t think they won’t make it because there are so many podcasters. I say go out there and fun! Fuck what others have to say and stay loyal to your listeners.
4. Favorite thing about Trump.
AS: He’s straight forward. I like a man who’s straight forward. And most of all he doesn’t change who he is because he’s President.
5. Least favorite thing about Trump.
AS: He lacks the ability to discuss policy. He needs a help button all the time. He’s so freaking broad in his answers which excite his base but pisses the rest of the world off.

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