I’ve heard of Atlantis, Roanoke, the ancient anarchist tribe in Scotland, but I’ve never heard of a town underwater suddenly reappearing on land, according to Abandoned Spaces:

However, it was around this time when Epecuén was struck by several years of unusually high rainfall. The Lake slowly started to accumulate more water until, in 1985, the water broke through the dam. The flood grew and began consuming the whole town, until finally, in 1993, Villa Epecuén was literally wiped off the map and left 33 feet underwater.

Villa Epecuén remained sunken for nearly 25 years, until 2009, when the waters began to withdraw, and the village ruins slowly began surfacing.

No residents ever returned to the town again, except for Pablo Novak, who remains its sole inhabitant. He is the only one who carried the memories of this former tourist town’s golden days. His story is told in the 2013 documentary film Pablo’s Villa.

Check out the rest here.


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