Ok, tell me you don’t want to explore this thing? Because I’m already trying to book a ticket to go find it right now. According to Abandoned Spaces:

The Murmansk was a Russian light cruiser of the Sverdlov-class – Project 68bis of the Soviet Navy’s Northern Fleet. It was once a ship that made the NATO admirals very wary. But, so much for the fear; the Soviet Cruiser Murmansk ended up a naval embarrassment; a corroding old wreck trapped in a Norwegian fjord in the mid-90s.

In many ways, the Murmansk ended up an ideal symbol for the state of the former Soviet military at the time. Now, it’s very easy to forget the real attitude at the time about the Soviet military being an assortment of outdated, useless equipment, as Putin crashes his sword today. It’s also easy to forget that the sanctioning of these ships was a frightening situation for Western naval developers who always seemed to be speculating that the Soviets were on to something otherwise overlooked by other shipbuilders.

Check out the rest of the article here.


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