The Bubonic Plague wrecked havoc in Europe, and had a big influence on William Shakespeare. This period of time is responsible for physicians wearing dark robes, wide brimmed hats and masks with long beaks. But why? These masks held dried herbs and essential oils which the physicians breathed in. Meanwhile, there were four thieves in France whom breathed in a similar concoction to steal from the rich who were infected with the plague. Fast forward to the current, Gary Young of the company Young Living created a blend of this oil used all those years ago. According to Secret of Thieves:

I must tell you that I have read seventeen different versions of the Thieves story…” Young said

But why use Thieves oil?

Thieves oil fights for good hygiene arguably better than most products sold in stores!

There are multiple uses for this oil–daily household cleaning without toxic fumes, for one.

If you are interested in Thieves and more click here.

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor when beginning or practicing anything referred to in the articles. Please conduct your own research as you conduct actions at your own risk. We take no liability for damages or adverse effects, etc.. 


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