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Met’s Mascot Gives Crowd Middle Finger

Iceman from X-Men is gay, Bruce Jenner thinks he’s a chick, Kathy Griffin is a suspected terrorist and now we can’t even trust our mascots to be kind, what world is this?

The LA Times reports:

Mr. Met may have just three fingers and a thumb, but he got his point across. The New York Mets’ oversized baseball-head mascot flashed his middle finger to fans during the team’s 7-1 loss on Wednesday night to the Milwaukee Brewers. The incident was recorded by a fan on a cellphone and went viral on social media…

A Mets official told the Associated Press that more than one person wears the Mr. Met costume during the season, and the person who wore it Wednesday night will not do so again.

You can read the rest here.


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Remso W. Martinez is a journalist and Amazon bestselling author of “Stay Away From the Libertarians!” You can follow him on Twitter @RemsoForVa or on his website

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