Here at Team Republic, the boys and I love fruit infused water. Quite literally, obsessed with fruit water. Their mother has a water pitcher in their kitchen where Ryan puts in fruit every morning. The deal breaker for me when I am on my own is to put vitality oils as a substitute for fruit water.

What are vitality oils?

“We are excited to launch the Vitality line to enhance our essential oil offerings and expand usage opportunities,” said Jared Turner, Young Living Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. “The culinary capabilities and versatility that Vitality offers are endless.”

The Young Living Vitality line of oils offers the same 100-percent therapeutic-grade essential oils Young Living has been distilling for more than 20 years. The Vitality line has 27 of Young Living’s most popular essential oils in four distinct categories: Herb, Spice, Citrus, and Supplement…” (Young Living)

Lemon water is something I always make sure to order at restaurants but now I can just ask for water because I plan to always have my lemon vitality oil in my pocket to spruce up my experience and make me joyful.

What is the difference between regular oils and vitality oils?

The label is the only difference because the FDA forces the company to specify a line of dietary supplements because the government tells us what we can put into our bodies and what we can consume.

Lemon essential oil is known to benefit:

  • Acne (Apply a drop with coconut oil on blemishes to minimize oil production)
  • Detoxify (Add one drop to water in the morning to balance your Ph Level and eases constipation)
  • Alkalize your body and relieve heartburn
  • Rub on elbows or feet to minimize callouses
  • Diffuse to purify air
  • Removes adhesive
  • Freshen laundry whites

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*Young Living does not sponsor nor financially support the Remso Republic. Our views and opinions do not represent that of Young Living.

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor when beginning or practicing anything referred to in the articles. Please conduct your own research as you conduct actions at your own risk. We take no liability for damages or adverse effects, etc.. 


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