Sam Faddis– author, consultant, veteran, and former CIA agent is getting back into the political realm again with his recently announced run for US Senate in Maryland. While midterm elections aren’t as exciting, maybe you should learn why this is one candidate you should learn more about.

5. You’ve probably read his stuff and didn’t even know it.

Sam’s articles and op-ed pieces have been published for years at various mainstream and independent media outlets. Currently he is an Senior editor at Homeland Security Today, but you can see his other work at Newsmax and other sites.

4. He was in Iraq before you knew it was a country.

His time in the CIA led him into some dangerous stations, on his site it explains “Sam led the first CIA team into Iraq nine months in advance of the 2003 invasion of that country. After serving abroad in the Middle East, South Asia and Europe, he served as head of the CIA’s Counter Terrorism Center (CTC)’s Weapons of Mass Destruction unit charged with pursuing terrorist weapons of mass destruction programs worldwide.”

Basically Jack Bauer…


3. Did I mention he’s a published author?

He wrote the books “Beyond Repair: The Decline And Fall Of The CIA” and “Willful Neglect: The Dangerous Illusion Of Homeland Security.”

2. He is pro term limits.

Take it from him– “A class of professional politicians is leading us to ruin. We must take back control of our government, throw out the career politicians that are destroying our economy and our nation and enact term limits. The government of the United States belongs to the people not politicians.”

1. He can fight you in battle and in the court.

Sam isn’t just a former CIA guy, he’s also a former Army JAG officer.

4 thoughts

  1. I’ll be critical here with the hope that Faddis is better than I presume. His issues page states:

    “We are not the world’s policeman, and we should not be squandering blood and treasure in ruinous national building exercises abroad.”

    I would say “Aaaaaaaand that means I support the status quo including the occupation of Syria and Afghanistan or what?”


  2. From the current home page of his campaign, “Every family in Maryland deserves a strong voice in Washington that fights to increase incomes, jobs, and access to affordable healthcare.”
    That is lefty talk no matter he calls himself a Republican. I am resisting (unsuccessfully) the urge to add a “Shaking my head.” to this comment.


  3. His issues page no longer even includes the statement above. Much pap to be had. Faddis is well on his way to loosing to Democrat Benjamin Cardin


  4. His Meet Sam video says that nobody that earns less than $35,000 should pay any federal income tax is good. How many people are going to see or hear that? 1/4 visitors? His campaign needs to step it up.


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