School was rough (when I was actually going to public school) but something I didn’t have to deal with was lunch shaming, yet apparently the government wants to get involved in that for some reason. Logan Albright from Conservative Review writes:

Following a series of reports on how school cafeterias treat children who cannot afford to pay for meals, Congress has introduced legislation to address the problem.

The Anti-Lunch Shaming Act aims to prevent cafeteria workers from publicly humiliating children who can’t afford to pay for meals. The bill came about because in some cases, workers were filling trays with food and making a show of throwing them in the garbage, or publicly labeling kids as owing money to the school for food. Obviously, such singling out is unnecessary and damaging for young children.

But isn’t it a bit extreme to use federal legislation to correct an admittedly troubling problem like this? Yes, it is, and it is an illustration of how far from common sense we have drifted when it comes to education policy.

Read the rest at Conservative Review.

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