I’m a brand new writer, so I want to be blunt…

Some people create their own problems. There! I said it. Especially obese Social Justice Warriors (just saying some stereotypes are real).

I’m not here to body shame, far from it.  If you are at least TRYING you’re already better than someone making excuses.  I’d much rather support the 350 pound guy at the gym walking on the treadmill than the 200 pound woman saying she’s “big boned” and can’t lose the weight or something.  Now, for fitness, I’m not a gym rat who’s gonna say you can’t have a cheat meal, or can’t have a beer or something like that.  Hell, my biography should be called “Streams, Weights, Booze; The Mike Amaral Story.”

 I drink, I can be lazy when I get into a video game frenzy, and I don’t always eat right (man when Dominos said I could just text a pizza emoji….).  The point isn’t to kill yourself or hate what you’re doing, it’s to make a lifestyle change, one that will allow you to live a happier, healthier life.  If you’re happy being morbidly obese, then more power to you man, just don’t make an excuse for why you are that way.  As a guy in a active and physical career I am so used to having been told that I had to be in great shape.  I’m not the gold standard for fitness in my field but I get by.  It’s not an overall health concern, honestly it’s really just a means to an end of passing a physical test.  

All my bosses want you to do is pass that test, however doing 60 pushups in 2 minutes does not mean that you have overall strength or overall health.  For that matter the they have a tape test where they measure your neck and your stomach line that use a little bit of math and depending on what that says you’re either in shape or not.  Now they’re people that have huge necks and are wicked out of shape and for whatever reason they’re still in.  It’s because they have those big necks and seems like all of them have some kind of long term injury which means they never have to take the test, but that’s not for me to worry about, apparently that’s somebody else’s job.  Point is going to the gym lifting, even if it’s just body weight exercises, is giving yourself a little bit of strength in all areas your body, not just doing the push-ups for your chest and shoulders sit ups for your core and the run for God knows why because the fitness test run is more like a sprint than anything.  

But I digress…

Overall strength, overall health is what’s really important so if you can achieve that by going to the gym once a week great.  If you have to go 5 or 6 days a week and that’s okay too.  Like I said before the point is making a change making a change for the better to make you a healthier person because I know I’m a hell of a lot happier now that I am healthier.  Well thanks for reading my rant, now I have a pizza to finish, some bourbon to drink, and some video games to play…



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