Three things to describe me- political junkie, comic book hoarder, and horror film aficionado. Ryan and my Dad on the other hand are downright paranormal investigation experts, and while I’m a skeptic, I’m a big fan of investigating the unknown.

A unique addition to the Remso Republic Patreon program we are excited to add is Haunted Republic! A look into the paranormal world of ghosts, unknown entities and creatures, and the realm of the unexplained. As if politics isn’t scary enough, we have paranormal investigations and other hunts planned for the months ahead where Team Republic will go to the dark and scary places for your enjoyment.

In our first edition of Haunted Republic, Julianna and I go to debunk the myth of Bunnyman Bridge, as seen on Scariest Places on Earth and other programs. Bunnyman bridge is said to be haunted by the ghost of an insane escaped convict who lived in the Clifton forests in northern Virginia and ate rabbits to survive- rabbits he would later leave around the Colchester bridge as a warning not to find him. The bridge is also said to be under the eye of a man with an axe who dresses as a rabbit to scare off teenagers and tourists.

Is it true? Is it fake? Watch Julianna and I drive in the dead of night through Old Town Clifton through the break and bends of the forest as we make our way to the infamous Bunnyman bridge to see if we spot anything spooky. While driving I explain the full myth while also debunking the stories that surround this creepy bridge.

You can gain access to this and all future episodes of Haunted Republic by joining our rewards program for $2 a month and see Team Republic go to the places you only heard about around the campfire under the dark blanket of night…


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